Panic Button Pictures

Rocketmen the Webseries arrives May 25 on the gleaming big screen as part of SIFF, the Seattle International Film Festival.

May 25 at 7:00PM at the Egyptian Cinema

May 28 at 3:30 PM at Shorline Community College

June  4 at 4:00 at Siff Uptown Cinema

Get tickets HERE!

Check out our profile from Seattle Magazine, and check out the Rocketmen Facebook page.  Nancy Guppy’s Artzone featured a bio of me and the Rocketmen on a visit to my tiny studio.

It’s been awhile since I screened the Beta version of a short film at the Genius retrospective at the Frye Museum.   The bigger stranger version of that project is currently underway.

Also, should you be in New York, Point Break Live in New York is selling out!  A mad re-mount of a show I worked on years ago when Jaime Keeling created it here in Seattle; the New York version brought me back for all new Animated carnage!