Panic Button Pictures

After two years of solid production, Rocketmen the Webseries is nearly here.  Animation has wrapped, and I am finishing up the mountain of flying effects.  We just got a great shout out from Seattle Magazine, meantime the best place to get updates on this project currently is our Rocketmen Facebook page.  Nancy Guppy’s Artzone featured a bio of me and the Rocketmen on a recent visit to my tiny studio.

Also, should you be in New York, Point Break Live in New York is selling out!  A mad re-mount of a show I worked on years ago when Jaime Keeling created it here in Seattle; the New York version brought me back for all new Animated carnage!

Meantime, I am plowing into a new short film…with merely two months of production time, animating a commission with writer Stacey Levine as part of the Genius retrospective at the Frye Museum.   Wish me luck, that’s arriving November 17!